Christ the King Parish

Masses & events in Christ the King Parish Feb. 1.-7.

Corona Virus (Covid 19) Prevention
The cathedral has been divided into three compartments. Up to twenty people can be in each compartment. Each chamber has a private entrance, one through the main door and two on each side of the church. Face masks mandatory.

Monday, February 1st
Mass at 8.00
Mass at 18.00
Catechism for adults in the parish hall at 19.30. The Message of Happiness: The Message of Jesus.
A lecture given by of Bishop Barron. Remember wearing a mask is mandatory!

Tuesday. February  2nd – Feast of the Presentation of Jesus Christ
Mass at 18.00 – Blessing of candles at the beginning of the Mass. Those who want to have candles blessed can bring them before Mass.

Wednesday, February 3 – Feast of St. Blaise
Mass at 8.00
Mass at 18.00 – Blessing of those suffering from throat diseases and other diseases will be given in the Mass.
After the Mass at 18.00 is a time of reflection and prayer in the church. The church choir sings and prayers will be said.

Thursday, February 4th
Mass at 18.00 and adoration after Mass until kl. 19.00

Friday, February 5th
Mass at 8.00
Adoration at 17.00-18.00
Mass at 18.00

Saturday, February 6th
Confirmation classes at 10.30 to 11.30. Attendance in the church.
Catechism at 10.30-11.30 for children receiving First Communion this spring. Attendance at the parish hall.
Confessions at 17.10-17.45 (Sr. Jakob)
Vigilmass at 18.00
Mass at 19.00 (in Polish)

Sunday, February 7th 
Mass at 8.30 (in Polish)
Mass at 10.30 (in Icelandic and Latin)
Mass at 13.00 (in Polish)
Mass at 15.00 (in Polish)
Rosary prayer at 17.30 (in English)
Mass at 18.00 (in English)
Mass at 19.15 (in Polish)

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