Pastoral Care

Prestar í Reykjavíkurbiskupsdæmi

The main task of the Church has always been to support people, guiding them and being present in the situations that they meet in the different stages of life.

Pastoral care takes place in personal conversation, but also in prayer. It involves hearing encouraging and inspiring words from the Sacred Scripture, receiving the Sacraments and social support.

The goal of pastoral care is to encourage people to find salvation and healing, purpose, happiness and new ways of coping with life.

If you need pastoral care, priests of the Catholic Church are always willing to talk with you. For more information, please contact your parish priest.

You might also find it helpful to speak with someone in one of the various lay movements which are active in the Church in Iceland.

Pastoral Visits
If you known old or sick people who cannot go to church but want a priest to visit them, please inform your parish priest.

For blessings of households and cars, please contact your parish priest.

Priests in the Reykjavik Diocese

From Poland:

Fr. Rafał Sikorski in Reykjavík, Tel. 861 2043 and 552 5388,

Fr. Edwin Słuczan-Orkusz in Ísafjörður, Tel. 456 3804 and 823 0082,

Fr. Mikolaj Kecik in Reykjanesbær Tel. 618 5550,

From Slovakia:

David B. Tencer OFM.Cap Bishop

Tel. 552 5388,

Fr. Pétur Fintor OFM.Cap. in Reyðarfjörður Tel. 849 8054 and 471 1340,

Br. Martin Turosak OFM.Cap. in Reyðarfjörður Tel. 773 8466 and 471 1340

From Czech Republic:

Fr. Metod Kozubík O.Praem. in Reykjavík Tel. 618 9699,

From Ireland:

Fr. Patrick Breen in Reykjavík Tel. 848 2655 and 552 5388,

Fr. Denis OʼLeary in Breiðholt and South Iceland Tel. 862 8246 and 557 7420,

From Germany:

Fr. Jürgen Jamin in Akureyri, Tel. 462 1119 and 659 1330,

From France:

Fr. Jakob Rolland in Reykjavík Tel. 824 1464 and 552 5388,

From Argentina:

Fr. Adrián Horacio Cabaña IVE in Hafnarfjörður Tel. 697 8471 and 554 7010,

Fr. Juan Carlos Escudero IVE in Hafnarfjörður Tel. 696 6366 and 554 7010,

From Iceland:

Fr. Hjalti Þorkelsson. Email: