World Youth Day

World Youth Day 2023

Piotr Majtyka, a deacon in the Diocese of Reykjavik, went to Portugal recently in preparation for the World Youth Day 2023 in Lissabon. Here is what he had to say after the meeting.

World Youth Days are coming. In this regard there was a three day long preparatory meeting in Fatima that gathered delegations from all over the world to talk, pray and organize the event. I had the privilege of representing our country and diocese with Ivan Sovic, project manager in our diocese. As we found out in Portugal we weren’t the only participants that didn’t represent the country of birth. I met for example a few polish priests representing other communities or nations and a lot of young people from Nordic Countries, but unfortunately no Icelanders. Let’s hope that will change in future…

We had a great time in Fatima, that is the place where the three children under 10 years old were blessed with the presence of the Virgin Mary in 1917. We could see the chapel where the revelations took place. Most of the time we spent in the Saint Paul VI center to receive crucial information for our groups and discuss the details of preparation and participation in WYD that will take place in Lisbon.

There was of course a time for prayer for the WYD and all young people in the world, especially those that are going to participate in this global christian gathering of the youth next summer. On the last day we met with the mayor of Lisbon and visited the fields of the main events and how the work is in progress.

In this place I want to invite you to join our group and go to Lisbon at the end of July-August 2023. It will be a blessed time with the unique experience of meeting with fellow young Christians and the pope in beautiful and hot Portugal.

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