World Mission Sunday

Collection for the World Mission will be in all Masses on 22 and 23 October
Pleasy pay to the bank account no. 0513-14-402966
Kennitala of the Church: 680169-4629

WHAT IS WORLD MISSION SUNDAY?It is one of three annual Papal collections when the entire global Church comes together to support mission. All worldwide Mass collections that day and every single donation supports churches, hospitals, schools and vocations in countries where the Church is new, young or poor.WHERE DOES IT TAKE PLACE?World Mission Sunday Masses take place in every single Catholic parish in the world. Through our prayers, we support missionaries everywhere in spreading the Good News. And by donating, we respond to Christ’s call to tell everyone the Good News that God loves them.WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?World Mission Sunday is vital to the spread of the Gospel in predominately impoverished and remote areas overseas.It offers the financial assistance needed to help struggling communities survive, and ultimately flourish, through the work of dedicated missionaries.WHO ORGANISES IT?Missio is responsible for World Mission Sunday through the international network of the Pontifical Mission Societies. Missio is proud to be the Pope’s charity for world mission and works with the global Missio family to bring the Church together in compassion and communion. We provide mission dioceses with the essential support they need to become self-sufficient: local church directly helping local church!WHAT HAPPENS TO MY DONATION?Your donations build much-needed infrastructure, from chapels and schools to orphanages, clinics and dispensaries. Requested by the local community, support from Missio transforms lives. It creates a hub from which the young Church can spread the Good News of the Gospel, minister to the faithful, and deliver essential services in health and education.

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