What is World Mission Sunday?

Sunday October 22nd is World Mission Day, which is a special Sunday that we pray for the Catholic missions around the world. In many of these countries where the Church is new, young or poor they don´t have enough money to support all of the churches, hospitals, schools and activities they do for the people. The donations collected worldwide at all of the Masses on this Sunday goes to support these churches and all of their needs.

During the catechism class last Saturday we talked with the children about the missions around the world. They learned about how there are children in other countries, just like them,  go to catechism, but are very poor and need their help to be able to learn. The children were encouraged to think about using some of the money they use to buy candy and donate it to the church to the missions in other countries.

Collection for the World Mission will be in all Masses on 21 and 22 October. It is also possible to transfer the donation directly to the bank account no. 0513-14-402966. Kennitala of the Church: 680169-4629.

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