The Rosary Prayer for Peace in Ukraine on March 2

We pray the Rosary from 8.30 AM to 6.00 PM (every half hour, see further information below) on Ash Wednesday, March 2nd 2022 in the Cathedral of Christ the King in Landakot.

All members of the congregation are encouraged to join in the prayer. Special attention will be paid to victims of war. Let us ask the Queen of Peace to protect her children from suffering and hatred and to lead national leaders to think and strive for peaceful solutions to their conflicts.

Prayer times and languages:
At 8.30 in Icelandic / English. At 9.00 in Icelandic, 9.30 in Polish, 10.00: in Polish, 10.30 in Polish, 11.00 in Icelandic, 11.30 in Icelandic, 12.00 in Icelandic, 12.30 in Polish, 13.00 in Icelandic, 13.30 in Spanish, 14.00 in Icelandic / Latin, 14.30 in Polish, 15.00 in Spanish, 15.30 in English, 16.00 in Polish, 16.30 in English, 17.00 in Icelandic and at 17.30 in Ukrainian.

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