The Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle – Collection on March 16th and 17th

The Pontifical Society of St. Peter the Apostle (which is one of the four Pontifical Mission Societies collectively known as MISSIO), is specifically responsible for raising up and fostering the development of local priests to serve the Church in their own countries—in places where Catholicism is relatively new, as in many parts of Africa and Asia.
These indigenous clergy have more depth of insight into their own cultures than do missionaries coming from foreign countries, so they can speak more directly to the hearts of their people, teaching them about Jesus and His Church. The work of this Society includes raising financial support for local seminarians and novices, for those who teach the future priests, and for the building of new seminaries and their on-going maintenance. The ultimate goal of the Society of St. Peter the Apostle is the spread of the Gospel and the building up of the Kingdom of God.
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