The Missio Nordica Owl

Missio Nordica Owl – a fun craft with a purpose

Missio Nordica is part of the global network of the Pontifical Mission Societies, that have been active in 150 countries around the world since 1922. Led by Pope Francis, Missio provides help for our sisters and brothers in the poorest countries, regardless of their background or belief, through prayer and donation. Focusing on the spiritual and physical needs of the people, we support pastoral and social projects such as construction of churches, health centers and community centers as well as numerous educational initiatives.

Missio Nordica is also a part of the Nordic Bishops’ Conference, with its President +Czeslaw Kozon, Bishop of the Diocese of Copenhagen, responsible for Missio. This is also putting us in a unique position of being the only Missio office that is uniting 5 countries together:  Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden.

The idea of ​​the “Missio Arctic Owl” is rooted in the fact that we live near the Arctic Circle and also in the words of the prophet Isaiah 34:15, who said, “The owl will take care of its young.”

If you want to support our projects and help children in need, follow the instructions below:

Nr. 1 Print and cut out and assemble the Missio Arctic Owl

Nr. 2 Keep it at home.

Nr. Put in it prayers for your friends and maybe some money that will be sent to them.

Nr. 4 Give it to your parish priest.

We need your help to help all people overcome the injustices, disrespects and inequalities of deep-rooted poverty.

We accept donations to the account: 0513-14-402966

ID number: 680169-4629

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