The Diocesan Commission for the Protection of Minors and Vulnerable People

can receive accusations of sexual abuse. It would forward them to the right authorities and assist the victims in handling the case. The list of members of the Commission with all the names and phone numbers is displayed on a visible place in all the churches and public facilities of the Catholic Church in Iceland. The Diocesan Commission is at the present day composed of six members:

Msgr. Jakob Rolland, chairman.
Tel. 552 5388 / 888 8269.

Sister Pentecostés Hemmingsen
Tel. 822 5888.

Unnur Guðný María Gunnarsdóttir
Tel. 899 1975.

Sister Ludmila Lewdorowicz
Tel.  787 4553.

Ragnar Geir Brynjólfsson
Tel. 896 5768.

Valgarður Bragason
Tel. 784 0509.