A new school build for the funds from Missio

School children at the Holy Rosary Kindergarten in Uganda, more specifically in the Parish of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Lepanto-Asamuk (Holy Rosary Parish-Asamuk Lepanto) rejoice over a new school building that was built in their parish with funds from MISSIO (Holy Childhood branch of the Pontifical Mission Societies).
Iceland supports this MISSIO department with funds collected on Holy Thursday and with donations made for house blessing in connection with the distribution of the C+B+M stickers every year.
The parish priest, Fr. Patricius, was very grateful for the help from Missio and the Holy Childhood Society, saying on the occasion: “Thank you for building classrooms for these children!!”
Please pray for these Catholic brothers and sisters of ours and for the international work of MISSIO!

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