Reykjavik Diocese

Safeguarding training in the Diocese of Reykjavik

Between the 14th and 16th of March 2022 representatives of Diocesan committee for Safeguarding had for the first time a training which took place in Fransiskus hotel in Stykkishólmur. The training was led by Dr. Marek Jarosz, a priest who is responsible for the matter in the Diocese of Płock, Poland. He is also a rector at the Seminary – a place of formation of future priests – where Diocese of Reykjavik has a student who is studying to become a priest in the Diocese of Reykjavik.

Through 3 days the Committee had 3 sessions where they were able to learn about safeguarding through perspectives of civil law and Canon law as well as to learn about preventive measures and procedures. After this initial training our Committee will be able to proceed with further education and help with it in all of our 8 parishes where we plan to hold workshops for the Church staff in the coming months.

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