Bishop of Reykjavik

Pastoral Letter, October 1, 2023

Dear Brothers and Sisters,
A Czech saying sounds funny. It’s like this: Skutek utek! In Icelandic, it means that one has good ideas or suggestions, but does nothing to implement them, and because of that the action (skutek) disappears (utek).
Everyone understands it better in the light of the Gospel, which tells about two sons who were asked by their father to work in the field. The first son’s answer was full of anticipation: “Yes, I’m going!” But – skutek utek – nothing happens. More pleasing is the other son who was initially lazy to obey his father but later he changed his mind, went and was working there all day following his father’s decision.
I am sure, Brothers and Sisters, that we all know people who act like that. They are notirous consultants. They have a solution for everything but when it comes to doing something to implement it, it comes – skutek utek – then nothing happens. But unfortunately, we ourselves are sometimes like that too. How many dreams do we have? But the vast majority of them fail because we are not strong enough to implement them. Let’s try to change this for ourselves. Here are some suggestions.
In our diocese, we are focusing on several building projects:
1. Changing the roof of the Cathedral. In 2029, she will be a hundred-year-old lady. Let’s prepare a new “hat” for her.
2. We have started building the new church in Selfoss. Of course, we seek help from
abroad, but it should be primarily our own work and funds that support this work.
3. In St. Peter’s parish in Akureyri, we plan to greatly expand the parish hall. It is both
good and necessary. Let’s do something to make this happen.
4. In Patreksfjörður, we are buying a house that should in the future be the centre of St.
Patrick’s new parish in the Westfjords. We need to change various things there and rebuild so that it can serve its purpose.
5. There are also some smaller projects that we can see here and there in our diocese.
Brothers and Sisters, let us learn from the second brother to do something to implement these good works. Let’s choose one of the above-named projects and make the decision to follow and support it from start to finish. Let’s pray for it, support it regularly with financial donations and watch how these good works grow. The saying – skutek utek – action disappears – is not good! Let’s not let the action disappear. Let’s do our best so that when the job is done, we can say, “Well, I was there too. The good work was completed.” Thank you for your attention and support. Pray for me too.
Your brother and bishop, David

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