A new congregation hall in Akureyri

As everyone knows, our congregation hall in St. Peter Parish in Akureyri is not spacious and can hardly accommodate all the churchgoers who wish to meet there after Mass.
In addition to this, we need space for the catechism of children, which hitherto also takes place in the priest’s house and in the sisters’ house.
The plan is to build next year a lightly built building with large window surfaces on a concrete foundation on the north part of the site and connect it to the lower floor of the church.
The building will be up to 30 m².
The Icelandic Heritage Agency and the town of Akureyri have already given the green light to the building plan and granted all permits.
The estimate is around 32 million ISK (including the fees for the drawings of the architect and engineers which have been paid already: around 3 million ISK).
Although we hope to receive substantial financial support from abroad, our parish community also needs join the fundraising. For this purpose, we intend to bid for coffee and cake sales or lotteries as we have done successfully to support the purchase of a new organ.
You may also deposit money directly to St. Peter’s parish account on behalf of our diocese with explanation BHL (=accounting chart) 23075 so that your contribution will flow uncut to the building:
St. Peter´s Parish:
kt. 680169-4629
Bank 565-14-603137
Explanation: BHL23075

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