Nordic Family Days
Dear Catholic families in our Nordic countries!
Our Bishops had invited us all to meet in Norway this year for the Nordic Family Days from 21-24 May. Many of you had registered for the event, and a range of faith celebrations and family activities had been prepared. Unfortunately the Corona pandemic made this encounter impossible and it had to be cancelled.
For the past two months we have all been confined to our House Churches. Even if our churches now slowly have started to reopen for the celebration of the Eucharist – Deo gratias! – we know that for a long time still, we will have to rely on the House Churches – our families – to live and transmit our faith in Christ.
So, instead of meeting only a small percentage of you this spring, our Planning Team here in Norway thought it would be an idea to present all Catholic families in the Nordic countries with a small bouquet of Catholic resources for families. Therefore we have created a web page which all of you are welcome to visit and where you can fetch some inspiration for your life as Christian families.
This is a very small and primitive beginning, made hurriedly under demanding conditions, but hopefully we will be able to develop together a platform where we can meet and strengthen each other in our faith in Jesus Christ, whether we live in Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden or Norway.
Praying that the Holy Family may protect us all and keep our faith alive,
the Norwegian Planning Team greets you all.