World Mission Sunday Oct 17/18

DAILY PETITIONS for Masses during the month of October

Mondays:  that we may have courage to be open about our faith in Jesus at school, at work, in our neighborhoods, and in our families

Tuesdays:  for the spiritual protection of missionaries—against spirits of temptation, hopelessness, indecision, and lethargy

Wednesdays:  for missionaries to have insights about how to tell unbelievers about the love of God and the forgiveness of sins

Thursdays:  that missionaries can quickly learn to express themselves in the language of the countries where they are ministering

Fridays:  that God would forgive our sins of cowardice and laziness in openly living faithful Christian lives because this makes it difficult for others to be drawn to God

Saturday/Sunday, Oct 3/4:  That God would open our eyes to see how much the people around us need to see our living example of faith, hope, and love, and that God will give us opportunities and courage to to tell others about how we have experienced His goodness.

Saturday/Sunday, Oct 10/11:  that Christian missionaries would stay close to the Lord through prayer, Bible reading, and participating in the Sacraments so that their proclamation of the Gospel will bear much fruit.

Saturday/Sunday, Oct 17/18  WORLD MISSION SUNDAY:  That God would inspire some of us to leave our country to go to other places where the love and forgiveness of God has been forgotten or ignored or never even proclaimed.

ROSARY INTENTIONS during the month of October

Mondays – Asia

Tuesdays – South America

Wednesdays – Africa

Thursdays – North America

Fridays – Australia and Oceania

Saturdays – Europe

Sundays – for God to raise up/sustain missionaries

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