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Announcement from Bishop David – Covid 19

The position of the Catholic Church when new rules take effect
On January 13, new rules come into force that allow 20 people to gather in the same space, and as a result, we will start with a public Masses again. Parish priests who see that many people want to attend Mass can increase the number of Masses (all priests can read three Masses on Sundays) and at the same time these priests are invited to apply for an exemption for more church guests from the health authorities.
We hope that those responsible for epidemic rules understand that as long as 100 people can attend Mass (funerals) (and children born after 2005 are not included in that number) it should be possible to allow 100 people at a regular Mass in the same space.
Covid is our common enemy. Let us try our best to help overcome this epidemic and we must ask God for that grace from him.
On behalf of the Catholic Church
Bishop David B. Tencer
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